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Explore our award-winning long-lasting reed diffuser range

Our award-winning reed diffuser range marries the beauty of dried flowers with the long-lasting scent of our signature fragrances. The result is our bespoke range of timeless scents perfectly coupled with our dried flower arrangements. Our diffusers last a year if not longer and fill the room with an incredible fragrance.

At Bloomhill, each of our luxurious reed diffusers is hand-poured and made in small batches. Our signature scents are poured by hand. We use a high percentage of fragrance oil to ensure a gorgeous and long-lasting smell, which will accentuate any home.

Each reed diffuser is perfectly crafted with our selection of dried flowers. Each bouquet works in harmony with the scent, to create a peaceful sanctuary inside your home. We use fiber reeds instead of rattan, to ensure a superb scent throw throughout your home. offer a long-lasting fragrance, so you can relish each lovely aroma for up to a year, if not longer.

Crafting the perfect scent for your home

Each of our signature scents has been perfectly crafted to create an everlasting impression inside your home. The nuances of each smell create a new experience each time, with each fragrance note working in perfect cohesion to create a beautiful scent.

Whilst each gorgeous scent from our signature range offers varying scent notes, we guarantee that collectively each fragrance oil focuses primarily on de-stressing and calming. Each essential oil intertwines effortlessly, with the base, heart and top notes coming together to create a home fragrance you can absolutely adore.

Unpacking the Bloomhill Reed Diffuser

Diffuser Vase

The Bloomhill reed diffuser vase is the perfect addition to any room inside your home. The bright airy glass bottles can be washed and reused when the product has finished. The Bloomhill reed diffuser vase has been crafted with a simple and elegant aesthetic in mind, carefully considered to fit into the aesthetic of any home.

Fragrance Oil

Our fragrance oil scents are carefully curated with a blend of high-quality fragrance oils. We use a state-of-the-art diffuser base pioneered using innovative technology from Soya-based renewable resources. It is non-toxic and low in carbon footprint giving it a superior performance. Through our passion and determination, we have created a high-performing fragrance oil that is long-lasting and reliable.


Our fibre reeds are a superior choice for diffusers compared to traditional rattan reeds due to their enhanced performance and efficiency. Unlike rattan reeds, which can become clogged and lose their effectiveness over time, fibre reeds are engineered for optimal absorption and consistent fragrance release. They have a uniform structure that ensures a more even and continuous scent diffusion. This results in a longer-lasting and more reliable fragrance experience for your home or office.


Each Bloomhill bouquets are handmade in Rhiwbina, Cardiff by a small team of artisans. The bouquets comprise of real dried flowers so they are both everlasting as well as completely recyclable. Our bouquets and scents are “mix and match” so you can create a perfect harmony with sight and smell. Each dried flower stem is handpicked and quality-checked throughout to ensure you have the perfect bouquet. As a female-founded company, all of our bouquets are named after inspirational women.

Paraben Free

Shop the entire Bloomhill range in confidence knowing all our products are paraben-free.


All Bloomhill products have been developed without any testing on animals. Our Bloomhill diffuser base scents are all guaranteed not to be tested on animals.


Here at Bloomhill, we are continually striving to be kinder to our planet by making socially responsible choices concerning all our packaging, suppliers and raw materials.

Hand Poured

All our Bloomhill diffusers are hand-poured and made in small batches. They are then labelled and packaged beautifully.

Carbon Neutral Deliveries

We are pleased to provide carbon-neutral deliveries on all Bloomhill products. We are committed to offsetting the carbon impact from every parcel we send at Bloomhill and working to help save the environment.

Tree Scheme

We plant one tree for every order we receive and are committed to sustainability.

Made in Wales

All our Bloomhill diffusers are lovingly made, packaged and distributed in Wales.



How long should a reed diffuser last?

Reed diffusers vary in longevity depending on their quality and composition. At Bloomhill, we take pride in offering some of the longest-lasting reed diffusers available in the UK. Our reed diffusers are designed to last for at least a year, if not longer, which sets us apart from many other brands on the market. This makes Bloomhill one of the best diffuser brands you can choose.

The exceptional lifespan of our reed diffusers is a result of several key factors:

  1. High-Quality Ingredients: We use a high percentage of premium fragrance oil combined with a superior diffuser oil base. This ensures a powerful and consistent scent throw that endures over time.
  2. Handmade Excellence: Each of our reed diffusers is handmade with care, incorporating beautiful bouquets of dried flowers. This not only adds aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the diffuser’s longevity.
  3. Superior Reeds: Unlike standard natural reeds made from rattan, we use high-quality fibre reeds, which are more efficient at absorbing and diffusing the fragrance. This ensures a more even and long-lasting scent release.

Why Do Reed Diffusers Stop Smelling?

Reed diffusers can stop smelling for several reasons, typically related to the quality of the diffuser and its components, the environment in which it’s placed, and the maintenance it receives. At Bloomhill, we pride ourselves on creating some of the best and longest-lasting reed diffusers in the UK.

Evaporation of Oil: Over time, the fragrance oil in the diffuser evaporates, causing the scent to diminish. Ensure your diffuser is placed in an area away from direct sunlight, heat sources, or drafts to slow down this process. This helps maintain the lovely aroma of your home fragrance for a longer period.

Clogged Reeds: The reeds can become saturated or clogged with dust and oil, reducing their effectiveness. Many other brands use rattan reeds, which tend to clog more easily. At Bloomhill, we use high-quality fibre reeds that are less prone to clogging and more efficient at diffusing fragrance. Regularly flip the reeds to refresh the scent and replace them every few months for optimal performance.

Low-Quality Ingredients: Diffusers made with low-quality oils and reeds may not last as long or provide a strong scent throw. Choosing high-quality diffusers, like those from Bloomhill, can significantly improve the longevity and intensity of the fragrance. Our diffusers use premium fragrance oils and natural reeds, ensuring a long-lasting and consistent scent throw, filling your room with a beautiful scent.

How to Elongate the Duration of Reed Diffusers:

Flip the Reeds: Every few weeks, flip the reeds to expose the saturated ends to the air. This helps refresh the scent and maintain its strength, ensuring a continuous beautiful smell in your house.

Keep Away from Heat Sources: Place your diffuser in a cool, well-ventilated area but away from direct sunlight and heat sources, which can cause the oil liquid to evaporate faster, thus shortening the life of your fragrance.

Use High-Quality Products: Invest in diffusers made with high-quality oils and reeds. Bloomhill reed diffusers use premium fragrance oils and superior fibre reeds, ensuring a long-lasting and consistent scent throw. Our products are known for their long-lasting fragrance and gorgeous scent, making them the best diffusers for your home.

Regular Maintenance: Occasionally wipe the bottle and reeds to prevent dust and oil buildup, which can clog the reeds and reduce their effectiveness. This simple maintenance can help disperse the gorgeous fragrance more efficiently and maintain the lovely aroma throughout your space.

By following these tips, you can ensure your reed diffusers provide a consistent and long-lasting fragrance, filling your home with a delightful aroma.

How can I make my reed diffuser smell stronger?

At Bloomhill, our reed diffusers are designed to provide a strong, long-lasting scent that enhances any space for at least a year, making them possibly the longest-lasting diffusers in the UK. Here are some practical tips to help you maximize the fragrance from your Bloomhill diffuser:

  1. Flip the Reeds Regularly: One of the simplest and most effective ways to boost the scent is by flipping the natural reeds. This exposes the saturated ends to the air, allowing the fragrance to disperse more effectively. For optimal results, flip the reeds every week.
  2. Use More Reeds: The number of reeds you use directly impacts the strength of the scent. Our diffusers come with high-quality fibre reeds, which are superior to rattan reeds in terms of absorption and diffusion. We have thoroughly tested how many reeds are needed for a perfect scent throw, 5 being the magic number!
  3. Place in High-Traffic Areas: Positioning your diffuser in a high-traffic area where air circulation is better can enhance the scent throw. The movement of air helps carry the fragrance throughout the room, ensuring a more consistent aroma.
  4. Keep Away from Direct Sunlight and Heat: Direct sunlight and heat can cause the fragrance oil to evaporate faster, shortening the lifespan of the gorgeous scent. To maintain a steady scent release, place your diffuser in a cool, shaded area away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  5. Ensure Proper Air Flow: Good airflow is crucial for effective diffusion. Make sure your diffuser isn’t placed behind large furniture or in enclosed spaces where air circulation is limited. An open area with good airflow helps distribute the lovely aroma more evenly.

Bloomhill’s reed diffusers are crafted with a high percentage of premium fragrance oil and a high-quality diffuser oil base, ensuring a powerful and enduring scent throw. By following these tips, you can enjoy a consistently strong and beautiful scent in your home for at least a year, making our diffusers a standout choice for those seeking long-lasting quality and elegance.

Are reed diffusers safe?

Yes, reed diffusers are a safe and effective way to bring a lovely aroma into your home, offering a great alternative to candles and other home fragrance methods. At Bloomhill, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our customers, which is why our reed diffusers are crafted with the highest standards of safety and quality in mind.

Safety Benefits of Reed Diffusers:

  1. No Open Flames: Unlike candles, reed diffusers do not require an open flame to release their fragrance. This significantly reduces the risk of fire hazards, making them a safer option for homes with children and pets.
  2. Non-Toxic Ingredients: Our reed diffuser base is a state-of-the-art solution pioneered using innovative technology from soya-based renewable resources. This base is non-toxic, low in carbon footprint, and low in odour, ensuring that it reinforces and enhances the fragrance without introducing harmful chemicals into your environment.
  3. Safe to Breathe: We use high-quality fragrance oils that are safe to breathe, providing a pleasant and long-lasting scent without compromising air quality. Our products are designed to disperse fragrance slowly and steadily, ensuring a consistent and safe scent throw throughout your home.
  4. Low Maintenance: Reed diffusers are low maintenance, requiring only occasional flipping of the natural reeds to maintain their fragrance strength. This makes them a hassle-free option for continuous home fragrance.
  5. Eco-Friendly: Our diffuser base, derived from soya-based renewable resources, is environmentally friendly, contributing to a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional fragrance methods.

Bloomhill’s reed diffusers are crafted to provide a beautiful, long-lasting fragrance safely and sustainably. By choosing our diffusers, you can enjoy superior performance in enhancing your home’s ambience with a gorgeous scent while knowing that you are using a product that is safe for both your family and the environment. Our reed diffusers fill your home with a beautiful scent, making them the best diffusers for those seeking a safe, natural, and long-lasting fragrance solution.

Why do some reed diffusers last longer than others?

At Bloomhill, we take pride in the exceptional longevity of our reed diffusers. While many diffusers on the market may only last a few months, our diffusers are designed to last a year or even longer, making them possibly the longest-lasting diffusers in the UK.

Several factors contribute to the longevity of a reed diffuser:

  1. Quality of Ingredients: The longevity of a reed diffuser heavily depends on the quality of the ingredients used. At Bloomhill, we use a high percentage of premium fragrance oil combined with a top-quality diffuser oil base. This ensures not only a long-lasting fragrance but also an excellent scent throw that can fill your space with a delightful aroma for an extended period.
  2. Type of Reeds: The type of reeds used in the diffuser can significantly affect how long it lasts. We utilize high-quality fibre reeds, which are superior to traditional rattan reeds. Fibre reeds offer better absorption and consistent fragrance release, which helps our diffusers maintain their scent for a longer time.
  3. Design and Craftsmanship: Our diffusers are handmade with meticulous attention to detail. Each Bloomhill diffuser is filled with bouquets of dried flowers, combining beauty with functionality. This unique design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the diffuser but also contributes to its extended lifespan.

By choosing Bloomhill, you are investing in a diffuser that not only offers a beautiful floral arrangement but also ensures a long-lasting and consistent fragrance experience. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is what sets us apart, allowing our diffusers to outlast and outperform others on the market. Enjoy a year or more of delightful scent with Bloomhill’s handmade dried flower reed diffusers.

When should you throw out a reed diffuser?

Unlike other diffusers, a Bloomhill diffuser never needs to be thrown out! The dried flowers are everlasting and we sell refills of the oil for when yours has run out.

How often should I flip my reed diffuser?

You should flip your reeds in your diffuser every two to three weeks. This helps to maintain a consistent and pleasant scent in your space. Regularly turning the reeds allows the dry ends to absorb more oil, ensuring a continuous fragrance. Submerging them in the oil allows the dry ends to absorb all they can, while the previously submerged bottom stands out and projects an immediately stronger scent.

How many reeds should I use?

We have thoroughly tested our diffusers to ensure that our diffusers have the perfect number of reeds for the best scent throw and we have discovered that the perfect number is 5!

How often should I replace the reeds?

Your Bloomhill reeds will not need replacing until you need a refill. We sell refills for all of our fragrances. Each Bloomhill diffuser refill includes a recyclable glass bottle filled with 170ml of Bloomhill scent of your choice, a mini funnel to aid with ease of pouring and five diffuser reeds in a choice of colours. Every Bloomhill diffuser refill also comes packaged in a beautiful, recyclable, hessian jute bag which can be repurposed, alongside the glass refill bottle following use.

How do I set up my new reed diffuser?

Our diffusers are very easy to set up and need little maintenance. For information on how to set up your diffuser head to: Diffuser Care (bloomhill.shop)

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